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Learn Unrest: A Dystopian Bluffing Game with Mikey!

A riddle as old as they come:

In front of the door stand two guards. One can only tell the truth, and the other can only lie.

Wait a minute, YOU’RE one of the guards! And hang on, that’s not a door, that’s a card game!

Welcome to Unrest, a new two player asymmetrical card game from Pandasaurus about revolt in a futuristic society. The empire has stood for as long as anyone can remember, but now the rebellion boldly stands in its way. This game is the story of the two factions duking it out, determining the future of their dystopian society.

Learn Unrest: A Dystopian Bluffing Game with Mikey!

You and another player will assume the role of the empire and the rebellion, with each faction bearing stark differences in their gameplay. The flavor of the setting is weaved into the gameplay, with the empire truly feeling like an all-controlling yet predictable dictatorship, and the rebellion scraping by underneath its rule.

As the rebellion, your goal is to take control of 3 of the city’s districts by any means necessary. You’ll be sneaking key resources into each district to carry out your plans, and topple the regime. There’s just one problem: you’ll have to do it under the watchful eye of the empire. Each turn you’ll be playing 3 cards from your hand, but only one of them is face up. Using those sneaky couple of face down cards, and your Misdirection cards to distract the empire, you’ll hopefully be able to sneak some contraband right under the Empire’s nose.

As the empire, your goal is simple: outlast the rebellion. Each turn you’ll take two out of your four possible actions, surveilling to uncover hidden cards, destroying the rebellion’s resources, rerouting where their supplies go, or even blockading them from entire districts outright. Unlike the rebellion, you’ll be playing open-face, and often your opponent will have perfect information about your actions on your turn. It’s what you make of those open-face actions that will determine whether your iron-fisted rule will endure or fall.

It’s a charming game of cat and mouse, and it’s a great way to play a bluffing game with someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with a good bluff.

Looking to give it a try? Stop in the store any time and we’ll be happy to give you a demo!

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