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LYLGS Sol Ring + Double Masters Release

Double Masters 2022 comes out today, and by now you’ve probably heard it’s an incredible set! The Love Your Local Game Store summer promotion is also going on, so we’ve cooked up a special deal just for you!

LYLGS Sol Ring + Double Masters Release

What is this promotion?

Buy $50 of sealed Magic product, and get a foil retro border Sol Ring, while supplies last*. That’s cool, right? For Double Masters, we have some packages put together to make this extra spicy.

  1. Get 3 Draft Packs for $50 + a Sol Ring
  2. Get 1 Collector Pack + a Sol Ring

And of course you can just buy any full box and get a Sol Ring too, starting today (sorry, preorders do not count for this promotion).

Order your packs online for in-store pickup

LYLGS Sol Ring + Double Masters Release

See this post for details. Online orders don’t count, can’t be shipped, while supplies last, etc. 

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