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Magic Celebration, July 14

Join us for a Magic: the Gathering Celebration Friday, July 14 at 6 pm

Buy two packs of Jumpstart and join the event, then play 1 game and get a set of dice.

Wizards Account Participant Prizes

For players who participate in your Magic Celebration Event and complete the participation requirements, they can earn an incredible suite of rewards:

  • Limited-edition, collectible The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Dice Set available for the first 30 players to register in the Magic Celebration event. Collectible dice set includes three six-sided dice (d6) of the same color, inside of a burgundy dice bag with a golden Elven Planeswalker fork
  • Register now to ensure your seat is reserved in the first 30.
  • Bring-a-Friend promo Thought Vessel for bringing a friend into a WPN store—both players receive the promo
  • A special MTG Arena The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth themed Preconstructed Deck on Magic: The Gathering Arena
    • Players must have a registered MTG Arena account using the same credentials as their Wizards account.
    • Preconstructed decks will arrive in players’ MTG Arena inboxes beginning July 25, 2023.
    • Promotion does not apply in select regions where Arena codes are invalid.

The three different dice sets match different sealed products your players can pick up in store: the translucent green d6 match the Spindown dice players may find in their Prerelease Packs, the sage green dice match the Bundle Spindown, and the red flecked dice match the Bundle: Gift Edition Spindown.

Magic Celebration, July 14


Magic Celebration, July 14


You can find exact quantities and setup instructions under the promotional support section of the event page.


Pick any two in stock Jumpstart packs with your entry fee, get paired with another player, and play at least one game. You may trade packs after opening with another player.

WPN Premium Locations Get Additional Participant Prizes

WPN Premium stores, in addition to receiving a higher quantity of the promotional dice sets mentioned above, will receive a Photoflyer activation kit; this kit will allow players to take a souvenir photo that will slot into a frame and become a usable 1/1 Human token.

Magic Celebration, July 14

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