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Malifaux Escalation Achievement League, Starts June 7

At Just Games, we’re gearing up for our first Malifaux Escalation Achievement League of the year, beginning at 6 pm on June 7th! This is a fantastic way to get introduced to the game if you’re a beginner, and a great way to track your progress for anyone looking to build a new crew.

For those not familiar, Achievement leagues are less about winning and losing, and more about accomplishing different things.  Some will be in game, others out of game.  Some will be silly, and some will be challenging.  There will be a list of general achievements, and each 2 week block will have its own achievements.

League starts at Henchmen Hardcore size, at 30 stones per player. Rules can be found in the Gaining Grounds document at .  After 2 weeks of play, we will add in Masters and Totems, while remaining at 30 stones.  After 2 more weeks, we will add in 10 more stones, and then 10 more after 2 more weeks.  We will wrap up the league with a 60 stone tournament on Saturday July 30th.

Prize support will be given out in store credit to 1st place and 2nd place in achievements, as well as best painted, all of which will be determined by the end of the tournament.  There will also be an awarding of a Wooden Spoon.

The general Achievement list, and first cycle achievements will be posted at least 1 week before the start of the league.

Weekly entry is just $5, and goes toward the end of league prizes based on the number of total entrants over the run of the league.  In addition, anyone who buys a box set before the start of the league may waive their first week’s entry fee.

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