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Modern MTG Mondays

Join us Mondays for Modern Constructed (or D&D Encounters if you prefer) at 6 pm. Details are below, or hit the Events tab if you’d like to see our other upcoming events like Board Game Night on Thursdays.


Modern MTG Format and Details

$10 entry, Modern Constructed
Players should construct their decks using the most recent DCI Banned & Restricted list found at http://magic.wizards.com/en/gameinfo/gameplay/formats/bannedrestricted

100% of the entry fee goes toward prizes, PLUS every player who participates in all 3 rounds gets a random pull from our box of Modern / Legacy promo cards. This mystical box of over 2000 cards contains everything from fun commons to $50 GP promos and more.

We will play 3 rounds, and payout will be store credit based on record and attendance.

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Community First

Just Games gives back to the Rochester area community by running events and donating to schools, libraries and more!

Year-to-date contribution: $12,883.88

Awards and Memberships

2020 GAMA Power Retail Award:
Outstanding Organized Play

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Rated 5 Stars
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