D&D Encounters Rage of Demons

Starting on Monday, Just Games will host D&D Encounters, Rage of Demons, played in our comfy padded oak chairs, with optional use of our premium RPG table, suitable for tables of 6-10 participants. The cost is $3 per player, with the entire amount going to your table’s Dungeon Master on a gift card to help them buy materials for your game.

Each week one of our Dungeon Masters will run the latest D&D Encounters session, meaning that new and returning players can jump right in. No character? No problem – we’ll set you up with a pre-generated character until you can roll your own.

We want players that support their Dungeon Masters, and we want Dungeon Masters that feel supported! That means we charge a nominal fee to all players after their first week of D&D, which we pass on to our volunteer Dungeon Masters in the form of store credit. The DMs, in turn, can use that credit to buy maps, modules, minis and more to make their tables shine!

Everyone who participates earns Member Rewards Points for their entry fee.