Friday Night Magic & Battle for Zendikar

This week is our first Friday Night Magic, and in addition to a Battle for Zendikar draft at 6 pm, we’re also offering a legacy promo to every player who plays in the draft.

What’s a legacy promo? Well, over the year, our owner has accrued quite a collection of older promos – from FNM, GPs, and the like – cards like Dungrove Elder, Buy a Box Birds of Paradise, Swords to Plowshares and hundreds more. These cards are pretty, and they’re pretty expensive, but since we just opened, we’re going to offer one of these cards free to every player that plays all 3 rounds of our BFZ release draft.

If that’s not good enough, anyone who buys a BFZ intro deck can challenge our staff to a game. If they win, they can get another random promo from our drawer of over 2500 assorted promo cards.

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