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MTG Fallout Universes Beyond Commander Decks

On March 8, Magic the Gathering’s Fallout: Universes Beyond Commander decks and Collector boosters will release. You can preorder your goodies right here, and we’ve got a little set of spoilers to show you for each deck.

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White-Black-Red Deck: Hail, Caesar

Commander: Caesar, Legion’s Emperor

MTG Fallout Universes Beyond Commander Decks
Caesar, Legion’s Emperor

Caesar isn’t actually the famous Roman, but his desire for power and conquest is a perfect match for his ancient predecessor. In order to found a new empire, Caesar and his Legion seek control of New Vegas—even if it means war with the New California Republic.

Red-Green-White Deck: Scrappy Survivors

Commander: Dogmeat, Ever Loyal

MTG Fallout Universes Beyond Commander Decks
Dogmeat, Ever Loyal

Dogmeat is every survivor’s best friend. He’ll sniff out rare loot, track down dangerous enemies, fetch useful items, and protect his allies in battle. All he asks for in return is food, pets, and a place to play with his favorite teddy bear.

White-Blue-Red Deck: Science!

Commander: Dr. Madison Li

MTG Fallout Universes Beyond Commander Decks
Dr. Madison Li

Dr. Madison Li is one of the brightest scientific minds of her time, spearheading advanced research in The Capital Wasteland and The Commonwealth. While her employers and actions are occasionally questionable, she always fights for the future of the earth.

Blue-Green-Black Deck: Mutant Menace

Commander: The Wise Mothman

MTG Fallout Universes Beyond Commander Decks
The Wise Mothman

Revered as a local legend throughout Appalachia even before the Great War, the Wise Mothman is said to bestow gifts of knowledge upon fortunate travelers and loyal cultists. But beware—he’s not the only mothman stalking the wasteland . . .

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