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Mystery Booster Release: Expanded Sealed , March 14 Noon

Join us on March 14 for the release of the exciting Mystery Booster! This one time only event is, well, a one shot deal. We won’t be running this again in the future (though there will be other Commander drafts and regular drafts with Mystery Boosters in subsequent weeks!)
Registration at 12 pm
Seatings at 12:30
Round 1 at 1 pm
The set itself contains a whopping 1,694 reprints from all throughout the game’s history (see below for the full list), plus 121 copies of something new and surprising. You could fill an entire eight-person draft and not see the same card twice. The packs retail for $5.99 each.
Expanded Sealed will cost $30 after tax, and feature special prizing in Promo packs, provided exclusively to Wizards Premium stores like us.
Event Structure: Bracketed Double Elimination
Player Cap: 64 Players
Format: Expanding Sealed Deck (one pack added each round)
Players will get 4 Mystery Booster packs. Each round, add one Mystery Booster to each player’s pool. At different intervals (based on attendance and the chart below) we’ll also add a Theros Beyond Death promo pack per round. There will be 4-6 rounds, based on attendance.
  Players     Rounds    Hand Out Non-Foil Promo Packs   Hand Out Foil Promo Packs 
33–64 6 After Round 3 After Round 5
17–32 5 After Round 1 After Round 4
0–16 4 After Round 1 & 2 After Round 3
PLUS Finishing undefeated earns you Premium Foil Promo booster.

Mystery Booster Release