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November HeroClix Schedule – Tuesdays

HeroClix @ Just Games

6pm Tuesdays

November 10th: Superman/Wonder Woman Marquee: Players will purchase 2 boosters of SM/WW and draft a 400pt team. Cost: buy 2 boosters.

Build: 400pts(4 actions)-Modern Draft

Tactics: You can only use what comes out of the boosters and 3 standard objects

Prize: Superman / Wonder Woman release kit (Marquee) contents.


November 17th: Playing It Old School:Players will bring a 300pt team for this tournament. Cost: $5

Build: 300pts(3 actions)-Silver Age Constructed

Tactics: Just 3 standard objects ( 1 light, 1 heavy, 1 players choice)

Prize: Event kit – Nick Fury. Additional prizes will be added beyond the kit should attendance exceed 8 players.


November 24th: I’m the Big Boss-Man…..: Players will bring a 600pt team built with the following restrictions: only one piece can have a point total over 150pts, all other pieces must be 100pts or less. Cost: $5

Build: 600pts(4 actions)-Silver Age Constructed

Tactics: Special objects/Relics, ATA, Theme Team

Prize: Event kit – Suicide Squad. Additional prizes will be added beyond the kit should attendance exceed 8 players.

Additional Info:

Silver Age- All Heroclix pieces, regardless of age, are playable.

Golden Age- Same as Silver Age, plus feat cards and battlefield conditions are allowed.

Modern Age- No pieces from retired sets are allowed

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