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Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-release

Our pre-releases are focused on being comfortable, casual, and fun events for all levels of skill. We limit our seating at each event for the comfort of our customers, and to ensure the best experience possible for all involved, so please register early as seats may not be available at the door.

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Premium Midnight

12:01 am registration, 12:30 am seatings, January 16.
16 player cap
2-Headed Giant
$40 ($37.04+tax)
3 Round limit.
Prizes 2 packs per team, per match won
Additional Prizes & Premium Bonuses

  • 1 (random) playmat for each player who participates.
  • 2 full sets of 40 Zendikar Full Art lands raffled off to two random teams (so, 80 lands per team)
  • 6 Khans Fetch Lands, 1 card each for top 3 teams (6 players), awarded in order of standings
  • 2 random pull from our Promo box for each player (promos from 1994-present)
  • 1 random pull from our Premium Event Foil Box (Cards ranging from $.25 – $100)
  • 1 slice of pizza and a soda for all players

Optional VIP Package available

Pre-register Online


Saturday “All you can eat” Buffet Pre-release

12 pm registration, 12:30 seatings, January 16.
22 players
$40 ($37.04+tax)
3 Round limit.
Prizes and Food
1 pack per match won.
All players will get a plate which can be filled with Chinese, pizza, snacks and more goodies for one all-inclusive price. Food will be provided at 12:35 so that players can eat while deck-building. Deck-building and eating will be allowed 60 minutes together, so you can work at a casual pace.
Optional VIP Package available

Pre-register Online

Saturday Open Dueling
12:30-5 pm
Unlimited rounds (play as many rounds as you can before 5 pm!)
Players buy 1 Intro Deck and battle against another player with an intro deck. Both players win 1 random pull from our promo box and get to keep their intro decks!


Sunday Last Chance 2-Headed

5 pm registration, 5:30 seatings, January 17. 16 players.
2-Headed Giant
$30 / player ($27.78+tax)
3 Round limit.
For each match won, each player will receive a pack. In 2-headed Giant matches, each team will receive 2 packs. Everyone who plays will receive at least 1 pack regardless of record.
Optional VIP Package available

Pre-register Online


VIP Package $5

All players signing up for the Optional VIP Package will receive a free soda, 1 pack of Ultra Pro sleeves, and 1 Ultra Pro $1.99 deck box.

Pre-register Online

Free-Release Your Pre-release!

Want to play for free in a Magic pre-release? Our Members can do just that, by taking advantage of one of these cool promotions!

Pre-order a booster box of Oath of the Gatewatch at full price ($139.99+tax), get a free ticket to ANY of our pre-releases.

Don’t want a box? Use your Member Reward Points (MRP) and get a discounted pre-release ticket
1500 MRP $5 discount
2500 MRP $10 discount
3750 MRP $15 discount
8500 MRP Free Pre-release!

These deals and redemption are only available if you pre-register in-store. Special redemption(s) and freereleases will not be available on the day of the event.

Reserve an Oath Fat Pack

In addition, anyone who plays in our pre-releases and has a Just Games membership can reserve an Oath of the Gatewatch Fat Pack. Fat Packs will contain Full Art Basic lands, so they’re sure to be a hot item again. Play in a pre-release, lock in a Fact Pack! Please note you must ask to reserve a Fat Pack during the pre-release, and this option is only open to participants with a valid Just Games Membership.

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