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December HeroClix

Dec. 1st: Size Matters: Players will build a 500pt team. No characters in your build can have the same dmg symbol/size( ie: max of 4 pieces in your build, only 1 of each size-tiny, standard, giant & colossal). $5 entry fee.
Build: 500pts – Modern constructed – 3
Tactics: Special Objects/Relics, Theme Team, ATA
Prize: WizKids LE figure TBD

Dec. 8th: Is it getting smaller in here???: Players will build an 800pt team. At the end of each game(and thereafter) one horizontal row will be removed from each end of the map. At the end of the 6each side of the map. Characters in removed spaces take 1 unavoidable dmg, all objects are
Build: 800pts – Silver Constructed – 5 actions
Tactics: Special Objects/Relics, Theme Team, ATA
Prize: WizKids LE figure TBD

Dec. 15th:Battle Royale Event: Each player will buy 1 booster of their choice. Players will build their team following normal draft procedures. You play what you draft.Players will be allowed to “mulligan” one booster.
Build: ???pts – Modern Constructed – 3 actions
Tactics: Players may bring Special object/Relic that can start attached to one of their
Prize:WizKids LE figure TBD
Silver Age- All Heroclix pieces, regardless of age, are playable.
Golden Age- Same as Silver Age, plus feat cards and battlefield conditions are allowed.
Modern Age- No pieces from retired sets are allowed

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