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MTG News: Wizard’s Policy on Proxies

Many customers have contacted us in the last 24 hours asking for a clarification of Wizards of the Coast’s official position on Proxy Magic tournaments, and what this means for Legacy and Vintage tournaments that allow proxies.

As of January 13, 2016, WPN stores are no longer welcome to run unsanctioned Proxy Legacy or Vintage tournaments (or proxy events of any kind). Wizard’s newly clarified policy is, as expressed by Paul Hagan:

“With regard to questions on proxies, we ask that WPN locations not hold events – sanctioned or unsanctioned – allowing the use of any type of unauthorized reproductions of cards.”

A few further points were clarified by various Wizards reps, which we summarize below.

1) This does not apply to casual play, anywhere. It only disallows WPN stores from organizing events involving proxies of any sort. No one is getting suspended for “kitchen table legacy.”

2) No stores have been suspended or otherwise punished for running proxy events as of this writing. However, stores that continue running proxy events may be subject to suspensions.

3) This policy is primarily seen and expressed by Wizards as a way to dis-incentivize counterfeiting of Legacy and Vintage Magic cards, whose prices are now so high counterfeits are being produced in record numbers. Trick Jarret clarified this point on Reddit by saying “Unauthorized reproductions of our game are a type of counterfeit, and we want business partners to help us in discouraging counterfeit Magic….I know that feels crazy, that we regard marker on a card as a counterfeit, but remove the visual accuracy from the judgment – they serve identical purposes when it comes to game play.”

This policy clarification effectively ends Proxy Legacy, Vintage and Cube at any WPN store.

This change does represent a shift in Wizard’s policy. As recently as November, 2013, Wizards has allowed and even encouraged the running (but not sanctioning) of proxy Legacy and Vintage tournaments by WPN stores.
We realize this will come as a disappointment to some, and as long-time Legacy players ourselves, we sympathize. We hope our players will remain respectful to Wizards of the Coast representatives, and we welcome your respectful questions, comments, and concerns about this clarification.

We will continue running non-proxy Legacy ever Sunday at 2 pm.

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