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Unsanctioned Proxy Legacy allowed by Wizards

After 72 hours of communication from the community and WPN stores like Just Games, Wizards of the Coast has publicly clarified their stance on proxy Magic cards used in unsanctioned Legacy and Vintage events at WPN locations. Effective immediately, proxies are allowed for use in all unsanctioned WPN events.

You can read the full article at, but the summary that applies to our post yesterday is below.

  1. On policing proxy cards, from Paul Hagan: “[Wizards of the Coast has] no desired to police playtest cards made for personal, non-commercial use, even if that’s an unsanctioned event in store.”
  2. Wizards policy specifically applies to DCI-sanctioned events. Cards used in DCI-sanctioned events must be authentic Magic cards. You can use whatever kind of playtest proxy you like at home, or at unsanctioned events that specifically allow proxies.
  3. Wizards apologizes for the confusion caused by their lack of a coherent policy on this issue.

Just Games hereby reinstates unsanctioned 15 proxy Legacy tournaments every Sunday at 2 pm.

Thank you for your dedication to the game, and your patience as we worked together to resolve this communication error.

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