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Pauper Commander FNM – Beginning June 17

Want to play Commander without all the powerful stuff, but with all of the fun? Join us for a fun, casual “Pauper” Commander format each Friday after Pokemon! It kicks off on June 17.

  • 100 card constructed commander pauper. Rules are:
  • Your commander must be an uncommon creature. Does not need to be legendary. Any uncommon legendary or commander cards are ideal. Rare and mythic commanders are not allowed.
  • Your 99 deck must all be cards that were printed as a common at some point in their history. You can  only run a single card in a deck excluding basic lands.
  • Ban list follows normal commander ban list.
  • Proxies are absolutely not allowed (at ANY in-store Magic event, but just in case you’re not sure – not at this one either)
  • $5 entry.


  • 4 player pods, with 3 player pods dictated as seating allows.
  • Registration at 6 PM, event starts at 6:30.
  • 1 scheduled game for the night, but can stay and play as many as you have time for.


  • Each player in a pod regardless of standings gets 1x standard set booster of their choice.
  • Winner of the “pod” will receive 1x random promotional card 

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