Pokémon Learn to Play, starts Jan 20

Learn to battle as a Pokémon Trainer. Earn Achievements while learning!

4 week run starting January 20th, Fridays at 5pm, $5 entry per week. Get a $12 deck immediately, plus packs for playing – a great value, plus the benefit of our Professors teaching you the game.

Preregister today

Seats are limited for this season of Learn to Play, so be sure to preregister for week one today.


Below is the schedule of each week’s subject matter.


The Basic Battle introduces players to some of the most fundamental elements of the game: Benched and Active Pokémon, attacking, damage, Hit Points (HP), and getting Knocked Out.

  • Receive a Basic Battle deck
  • Get a Pokémon Player ID
  • Get paired against an opponent
  • Learn the basics of battling Pokémon by having active and benched Pokémon and doing damage using their attacks
  • Achievements Possible:
    • Correctly calculate damage done to an opponent’s Pokémon
    • Knock Out an Opponent’s Pokémon
    • Have your Active Pokémon knocked out

Week 2: STAGE 1

The Stage 1 Battle expands on the concepts introduced in the Basic Battle. Here, players will learn about Basic Pokémon and Evolution, Energy, cards in the hand, and the basics of turn order.

  • Receive more cards to add to the Basic Battle Deck
  • Get paired against an opponent
  • Learn the basics of hands, energy types and use in attacks, and how to evolve Pokémon
  • Achievements Possible:
    • Evolve a Pokémon
    • Correctly Attach Energy to a Pokémon to attack

Week 3: STAGE 2

The Stage 2 Battle expands on the concepts introduced in the Stage 1 Battle. Here, players will learn about the utility of Trainer cards, Prize cards, retreating, and drawing cards from the deck. Damage from attacks will also now be affected by Weakness and Resistance.

  • Receive the rest of the cards in your preconstructed deck
  • Get paired against an opponent
  • Learn the full set up and turn order for the game
  • Achievements Possible:
    • Correctly use a Trainer Card
    • Correctly use a Pokémon’s Ability
    • Retreat a Pokémon


The Capstone Tournament is to show off what you have learned over the last 3 weeks. Play in a casual, paired swiss round tournament. Learn some basic tournament rules and about round times. This prepares trainers to enter our weekly league tournaments, also held on Fridays.

  • Play in a three round swiss tournament
  • Achievements Possible:
    • Play with good Sportsman behavior
    • Play all 3 rounds

Achievement Rewards: For each achievement you earn you will receive a Pokémon sticker on your tracking sheet. At the end of week 4 you will receive a prize pack if you have 8 or more stickers on your track.

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