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Join our Discord Server, win fabulous prizes

Join our Discord, get eligible to win a $100 reward points giveaway

We hope that headline got your attention. Read on to find out how!

As many of you already know, social media has been moving away from broad groups like Facebook or Instagram for a long time now, and focusing on tight-knit hosted solutions. Enter the Just Games chat server, hosted by Discord. There you can find all the events and friendly folks you’ve been missing!

But … what is Discord? 

It’s a chat app. It requires no payment, you don’t need to use your real name, and you can choose to ONLY see updates from Just Games. Best part is, it’s only our customers in there, so you only need to deal with Just Games’ rules and regulations – you know what those are right? (“Don’t be a jerk” sums it up).


We know new media is scary, so right now we’re going to give 15,000 reward points to one random customer in our Discord if we get 150 or more new members by the end of March. That’s a $100 discount, immediately, just for signing up and posting ONCE in your favorite game channel. Try it out!

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Join our Discord Server, win fabulous prizes

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