Pokemon Prerelease Paleda Evolved May 27 and June 2

Pokemon Paleda Evolved Prerelease Runs on May 27 and June 2

Pre-Release Build and Battle Paleda Evolved prerelease kit will be limited to 1 kit per customer attending the event (parents with kids playing, that’s 1 kit per kid). Exciting news! Pokemon has unlocked metrics and immediately raised the number of players we can accomodate for these events. That means we will have our regularly scheduled prerelease on Saturday May 27 at 1 pm, and a second prerelease on Friday June 2 at 5:30 pm.

Prerelease Details

Get your kit, play 3 rounds, get 3 packs for finishing all 3 rounds!

Each kit includes:

  • Four Pokémon TCG Paleda Evolved booster packs.
  • One of four possible new Promo cards with the Paleda Evolved logo stamped on them.
  • A selection of cards to help competitive players build a deck

BONUS: Each Pokemon Paleda Evolved prerelease will also come with THREE ADDITIONAL BOOSTERS of Paleda Evolved for players who finish all 3 rounds.

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