Pop Up Gen Con is this Saturday, Sept 18

Starting at 1 pm, game demos, board game sales all day. Part of our Games for Everyone Series

Pop Up Gen Con is this Saturday, Sept 18

COVID has made a lot of product, well, unavailable on time for this event. So, here’s what we’ll be doing.

First, if you registered for PopUp, get your pins and passes at the door!

ALL DAY LONG, you’ll get 10% off any game on this list! Buy two, get 20% off, buy three get 30% off, and buy four or more and get 40% off the whole purchase. Sales like this can only happen, well, once in a pandemic or something like that.

  • Taco Bell Party Pack Game
  • Bayou Bash
  • Dungeon Decorators
  • Godtear: The Borderlands Starter Set
  • Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set
  • Mickey and Friends Food Fight

Demos of those games will be available from 1 – 4 pm

We’re also offering Magic prerelease events, in person, firing all afternoon. 

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