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Pre-order Dominaria Booster Boxes and pickup at Pre-release

Magic players unite! Wizards has heard your pleas, and you can now pick up your booster boxes of Dominaria at the Dominaria pre-release at Just Games!

We have many pre-order deals on boxes, some of which get you a discounted pre-release entry! If you just want to grab a box, you can do so below or in store. Note that for the full price box you get $40 in singles free with the box, which is a better deal if and only if, you want specific cards.

  • Just the Box $114.99
  • DeckBuilder’s Box + $40 Free Singles $144.99
  • Booster Case (6 boxes) $599.99

Dominaria Booster Box

Also, every booster box gets the Buy A Box promo which is exclusively available when you Buy a Box – this card is not printed in the set and cannot be opened in Dominaria packs! Yes, if you get multiple boxes you can get multiple copies of this card. Only the first 60 boxes will be eligible for this promo.