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Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release, January 19 & 20

This winter Magic explores one of it’s richest and most rewarding worlds, Ravnica, at the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release on January 19 & 20 at Just Games!

If you liked the changes to our Guilds of Ravnica event schedule, they’re back! If you missed them, check them out below. In addition, Wizards is again releasing an ultra-limited number of booster boxes for sale at Pre-release, and we are proud to offer those for pre-order below, or at the event. We have also added a couple special events and prizes, as well as updating our midnight event. Midnight is now has even more boosters of Ravnica Allegiance in the prize pool!

The Guildmasters’ Lockbox – Special Prizes

Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release, January 19 & 20
Over $500 in additional prizes were locked away by the Guildmasters – can YOU unlock the secrets within? Join us as we find out what is inside on Saturday, January 26

The Guildmasters’ of Ravnica have locked their treasures away, stating that “Only the most worthy of each Guild may claim what lies within.” Do you have what it takes to unlock the Guildmasters’ Lockbox? Find out at the Ravnica Allegiance pre-release on January 19 & 20

Each event will contain a challenge for one of the Guilds represented in Ravnica Allegiance . If you are the top placing player using that specific guild pack in that event, you will receive a key to the Guildmasters’ Lockbox! On release weekend, you’ll earn a free draft when you return the key. Best of all, there is a special prize in the Guildmasters’ Lockbox just for you, and great prizes for the whole community.

For example: if you choose Gruul at the “Gruul Key” event, and you are the top placing Gruul player, you will win the key. Note that you don’t need to be in any special position in the event, you just need to have one more than the other players with the same Guild!

The Guildmaster’s lockbox contains over $500 in additional prizes exclusive to Just Games, and only when all five keys are claimed and the set officially releases can you open The Guildmaster’s Lockbox! Once you get your key, keep it until Saturday January 26 when we will open the box and share the wealth within! Every keyholder will receive special bonus items on release day, and every release weekend draft participant will get a special bonus prize!

Earn a Guild Key and bring it to Release draft on January 26. Your Guild Key can be returned for a free draft, AND a special prize from the Lockbox.

You can pre-order in the store, online, or over the phone with a credit card. Prerelease weekend is Saturday and Sunday, January 19 & 20

If you want to attend all of the Guildmasters’ Lockbox events, you can register for all 5 at once using the button below. This will automatically reserve one of each Guild for you – this option will only be available for a limited time, while supplies of all guilds are guaranteed.


Sign up for 1 seat at each Lockbox Key event, get 1 of each guild pack

Lockbox Pre-release

Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release, January 19 & 20

Family Sealed – 1 pm Saturday

Going to a pre-release is fun! Getting paired against mom, dad or the family you always play against isn’t. So for Family Sealed, we’re adding a bonus – when you register you designate 1 other person whom you arrived with by writing their name on our registration sheet. If, at any point, you get paired against that person you both get a bonus pack of Ravnica Allegiance immediately! Everyone wins, and you don’t have to feel bad about winning or losing against your friends and family (and yeah, a friend who is like family still counts!).



Below is the summary of our Ravnica Allegiance pre-release events, prizes and time-slots.

Register online.

Event Prizes Pre-reg / at-the door
# rounds
Friday, 11:30 pm, Midnight Premium

Azorious KEY

  • 3-0 players get 8 packs
  • 2-1 records get 6 packs
  • All other players get 3 packs
  • ALL Prize packs are in Ravnica Allegiance Boosters
  • Undefeated Players: 1 custom playmat
  • Top Azorious player earns the Azorious Key to the Guildmasters’ Lockbox
$45 / $50 3 12:01 am
Saturday, 9 am, “Super Casual”

Orzohv KEY

  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
  • Top Orzohv player earns the Orzohv Key to the Guildmasters’ Lockbox
$30 / $35 3 9:30 am
Family Sealed

Rakdos KEY

  • Get paired against a child /parent / sibling / spouse, win a bonus pack
  • Everyone gets 1 pack per win (and 1 pack even if they don’t win any games)
  • Pizza will be served mid-event
  • Undefeated Players get 1 custom playmat
  • Top Rakdos player earns the Rakdos Key to the Guildmasters’ Lockbox
$35 / $40 3 1 pm
Saturday, 5 pm, “Pre-release Party!”
  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
  • Break into groups and play 2-Headed Giant, Sealed, pack wars, or any other casual format you want!
$30/ $35 3 5 pm
Sunday, Noon, “Super Casual”

Simic KEY

  • Everyone gets 2 packs for playing
  • 45 minute build time, better for learners
  • Top Simic player earns the Simic Key to the Guildmasters’ Lockbox
$30 / $35 3 12:30 pm
Sunday, 2HG, 4 pm

Gruul KEY

  • 2 packs / team / match win
  • Top Gruul player within a team earns the Gruul Key for their team. Both players do not need to be playing Golgari.
  • Top Gruul player earns the Gruul Key to the Guildmasters’ Lockbox
$60 per team 3 4:00 pm

Pre-register online.



UPDATE: If you preorder a box from us you can now pick it up during prerelease weekend.

Pre-release box Special $144
Alongside your 36 Ravnica Allegiance boosters, you’ll get:

  • FREE pre-registration to the Ravnica Allegiance prerelease event of your choice.
  • The buy-a-box promo card, waiting for you when you pick up your box. (Limit one per person)

You will have your box waiting for you with your name on it ready to be picked up at pre-release weekend July 7 or 8.

Deckbuilder’s Special – 1 Box + $40 of singles: $144
Alongside your 36 Ravnica Allegiance boosters, you’ll get:

  • $40 gift card good for Magic singles (individual cards) of your choice. Spend it now, or wait for release day.
  • The buy-a-box promo card, waiting for you when you pick up your box. (Limit one per person)

Available for pickup at the pre-release! You can spend the gift card whenever you like, for up to 30 days after release!

Ravnica Allegiance Booster Box $120

  • 36 booster packs of Ravnica Allegiance
  • 1 Buy-A-Box promo card
  • Save $25 off the regular price

Available for pickup at the pre-release!


Promo Playmat Art

This amazing playmat will be available at select events (see schedule above).

Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release, January 19 & 20



Preregister now online

* Premium events are the Midnight and the 1 pm Saturday

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