Magic: the Gathering

Ravnica Clue Launch Event

February 24, registration at 12 pm, event starts at 1 pm

To celebrate the release of Ravnica: Clue Edition, the Launch Party will invites players to purchase and play in-store with Ravnica: Clue Edition in groups of four!

Players buy an entry fee, and every group of 3-4 participants (ideally 4, but the real world happens), gets one set of Ravnica: Clue Edition to play with.

There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing.

Promo Cards

  • All players will get a Participation promo
  • Bring-a-Friend promo (both new players and their experienced friends receive the promo if a friend attends)

Format Info

  • We will pass out participation promos to each player in a pod
  • Each pod of 3 or 4 players will get their own Ravnica Clue Edition to play with (again, we’ll shoot for 4 players in every pod, but 3 should be the worst case here)
  • Players should keep the decks they used during the event after the event. In addition, the players should keep any of the Clue-themed cards that they received during the game.
  • The winner of the event will receive any cards that weren’t added to players decks as a prize (This includes the box topper and the three secret Clue-themed cards).

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