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Theros Prerelease @ Nox is FRIDAY Jan 17

(Not Saturday January 18)


Hi folks

Matt here, owner of Just Games. It’s rare I’ve had to write an email like this (never, in fact); but I made a scheduling mistake. When Wizards originally sent dates for this prerelease, I booked the wrong date for Nox event. I booked the event on FRIDAY, not SATURDAY. So if you signed up, ready to rock Saturday, consider the event moved to Friday, January 17, from 5-9 pm. If you can make that, GREAT! Please accept my humble apology for the inconvenience; I’ll have something special for you at Nox as a thank you. If you can’t make that time change…

If you can’t attend Friday, we have a few options for you.

  • You can attend ANY other prerelease, even the Saturday 1 pm Premium, as a replacement for the changed AND I’ll give you a special THANK YOU item for sticking with us of equal value to your prerelease kit.
  • If you can’t do that, snag your prerelease kit, 2 participation packs, and that special THANK YOU item from us at the store any time this weekend
  • If all that fails, we’re happy to refund you

Thank you all for your patience in working this out. In 12 years I’ve never screwed up an off-site event schedule like this, and I hopefully never do again.

Now the silver lining for those NOT preregistered for Nox…

Because we scheduled on Friday, and I forgot, we actually have MORE space to work with. So I’ve opened up a block of tickets for Friday registration – that means if you missed the first registration window, guess what? You can register for Nox now! Here are the details:

Just Games and Nox Cocktail Lounge are again proud to partner for the Theros Beyond Death Pre-release on January 17, 2020. We’re adding a VIP Ticket to this event: this will come with a Collector Pack from Throne of Eldraine, a Promo Pack, and a drink of your choice at the bar. Got friends that want to learn? They can sign up for our Learn to Play event in the front of the house, we’ll give them a free deck and a booster pack and teach them to play Magic on our custom learn to play mats! If you participate in the Learn to Play at Nox, we’ll also give you your first Friday Night Magic ticket – free! – all you have to do is come see us at the store for more fun!

The event at Nox will be scheduled in their spacious private room and consist of the following schedule:

5 -7 pm: Happy hour and build time. Check in, grab a drink, build your deck and make the most of our hosts excellent lounge.

7-10 pm: Pre-release party play! Just like at the store, Just Games will run a sanctioned Theros: Beyond Death pre-release. This prerelease will be split by play groups, so generally 3-4 players per group, each player playing everyone else at their table once.

10pm- close: Pre-release party. Hang out and get some drinks, play some games, or get in some trades.

Please note that this event is for the 21 and older crowd only. For those not interested in this event, not to worry; our usual pre-release schedule for Nox Cotail Lounge will continue, with the same time slots and great prizes you’ve come to know and love!

Head over to the preregistration page to register

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