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Star Wars Destiny Awakening Draft Tournament

For those who regularly attend our 6 pm Tuesday Destiny League, draft is rapidly becoming a fun alternative to constructed. If you can’t make Tuesday (or have been busy this Summer, we get it!) come out on August 19 and try Star Wars Destiny: Awakenings Draft. The format costs $20, gets you 7 packs of Awakenings, and has some awesome promos provided from our very own Tournament Organizer Swag Bag – read on!

Noon registration, 12:30 seatings. Playoff (if needed) and “after draft” at 4 pm.


Draft is intended to be a beginner friendly format, so we give a bit of discount on pack prices, and then put promos in from our extensive collection. This time:

  • 1st place (across all pods, playoff games possible): Phasma acrylic card
  • 1st-4th: Acrylic Shield Tokens
  • 5th-6th: Acrylic Damage tokens
  • 7-16th: Guard Promo Card

Star Wars Destiny Awakening Draft Tournament

Everyone keeps all the cards and dice they draft, so the worst case is you just opened 7 packs for a couple dollars cheaper and got to play games for 3 hours. Pretty sweet!

If you can’t make noon, no problem. If we have a “playoff round” all other players will be invited to join us for an “after draft” at 4 pm. So you can draft twice! Format will be exactly the same, but no Phasma promo (sorry, in this case good things come in ones).


Note: you don’t need to read any of this in advance except the “Draft Starter” part if you don’t want to. We’ll go over it all, and really, it’s pretty easy.

If you’ve done a Dicemasters draft, lots of this is going to look familiar. As it turns out FFG has been programming their tournament software for draft, but hasn’t released and “official” format yet, so our local community (being the awesome Destiny trendsetters they are) has begun working up their own. Special thanks to Jason for kicking this off!

Draft “starter” – You’re allowed to bring these cards from your own collection (note: these are all Awakenings or Starter cards, if you don’t have them all don’t worry – we can usually get you loaners, and most players find they don’t need more than a couple of these)):

  • 1x Padawan
  • 1x Hired Gun
  • 1x Rebel Trooper
  • 1x Nightsister
  • 1x Tusken Raider
  • 1x First Order Stormtrooper
  • 1x Dodge
  • 1x Block
  • 1x Flank
  • 1x All In
  • 1x Take Cover
  • 2x Logistics
  • 2x Use the Force
  • 2x Unpredictable
  • Frozen Wastes
  • Starship Graveyard
  • Jedi Temple
  • Rebel War Room
  • Mos Eisley Spaceport
  • Separatist Base
  • Imperial Armory

Deckbuilding Rules

  • 24 Cards
  • 24 Character Points
  • 1 Battlefield
  • Color Restrictions Lifted
  • Hero/Villain Restriction still in place
  • 2 copies of a card per deck limit lifted

Gameplay Changes

  • Hand size of 4 (Down from 5)
  • 25 Minute Rounds (Down from 35)
  • Spot X Character restrictions lifted
  • X Character Only restrictions lifted

Draft Rules

  • 7 Awakenings Booster Packs per player
  • Players separated into pods with an even number of players, if possible.

Creating the draft pool

  1. Each player opens one pack, removing the die and placing it into a pool in the middle of the table.
  2. Remove the remaining cards face down.
  3. Start a pile with the top card of the face down cards.  This will be the card associated with the removed die.  This card may be looked at to verify it is the correct card.
  4. Without changing the order of the cards, begin a second face down pile with the remaining 4 cards.
  5. Repeat these steps, adding to the piles, until all packs are opened.  Each player should have a pile of 7 rare/legendary cards and 28 common/uncommon cards


  1. Each player takes their pile of 7 rare cards, picks one and the passes the pile to the left.
  2. Repeat this process until all 7 rares are selected.
  3. Draw the top 4 cards of the common/uncommon pile.  Select one, pass the rest to the left.  Continue until all 4 cards are selected.
  4. Draw the next 4 cards.  Select one, pass the rest to the right.  Continue until all 4 cards are selected.
  5. Repeat this process, alternating pass direction each round.  There will be 4 passes left, and 3 passes right.


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