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Star Wars Destiny Legacies Preview Drafts, Jan 13

Join us for Destiny Legacies preview drafts January 13. This is a great event for new players looking to try Destiny in a limited format.

Not only did we get extra starters and enough boosters to offer a 20% discount on full boxes, but we have been given 6 preview draft sets so that we can begin running drafts Tuesday, January 16 at 6 pm and every Tuesday thereafter. Moreover, we will happily run flights of draft of the new set Saturday, January 13 starting at noon, 6 players at a time. Because seating is limited for these preview events, we strongly encourage you to reserve seats below.

Each draft is $25 and covers 6 packs of the new Destiny set, Legacies, and prize support. Drafts will be 3 rounds, 30 minutes in length. Prizes will be 1 pack + 1 pack per match won (meaning 3 packs per player go into the prize pool). Each Saturday draft will also have a Fantasy Flight prize kit offered to participants. These kits feature full art promo cards, acrylic tokens, and more to get you into the game!

Sign up below. Only 6 seats are available per time slot, so be sure to get your friends registered early.

Destiny Preview Draft January 13

Star Wars Destiny Legacies Preview Drafts, Jan 13

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