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Summer double points day is today, August 12

This summer has set a heat record, and this Saturday Just Games will help you set a record – in reward points! Saturday is our second double points day of 2023! Prep for school by stacking up discounts this weekend only.

But what should I get? 

There are no exceptions – $100s of D&D or MTG preorders? All good. $10 of dice? That’s cool. Want to get that Warhammer box, and feel smart doing it? Neat. Need to get the new Pokemon Obsidian Flames merch? Double up, friend!

Just wanted double points, but you want a recommendation? Stop in and ask us about 800 Pound Gorilla, What the Cup, or any of our other great summer games ready to demo.

We only do these sales a couple times a year, so if you’re wanting to stack points to get better rewards, this is your last moment in 2023! Scroll down our homepage for some great preorders to put in right now and set your gaming up for the rest of the year.

Order online or stop in!

Want to get these benefits online? Head to our online store and get yourself double points from the store.

So stay home, or come on in, and get a couple fun games for that last trip of summer! It’s just today though – double points end at 9 pm Saturday, August 12.

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