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Ideas for summer gaming activities for kids

The humidity here in Rochester is just brutal this week, so it’s time for our “What do do with kids (of all ages)” summer newsletter! Find an AC or a glass of ice water (or a beer, if you’re so inclined) and read on for some great indoor activities for kids this summer.

First, play Pokemon Prereleases – at home!

Evolving Skies prerelease period starts this Friday!

Ideas for summer gaming activities for kids
Pokemon organized play is still happening right in your house! Super cool. Our Discord server is alive and well, and you can play Pokemon on Spelltable as well as Magic (we promise not to tell Wizards)! You can sign up right here on our newly updated webstore.

And speaking of Wizards…

Youth D&D Returns in September, online!

Ideas for summer gaming activities for kids

Our summer camps were the largest we’ve ever run, and our D&D youth programs are going to stay online going into the school year. Lots of folks asked for a monthly fee and one clean program, so we’ve given it to you. It’s easier than ever to sign the young adventurer in your house up for an online D&D campaign – but don’t wait! Tickets are about half gone for the first session, which is just a bit under a month away.

Sign up today. If you don’t see your DM from summer camp, send us a note! They may be sold out, and we might be able to open another time slot.

Take a painting class together

A strong kid activity that’s full of creativity and art! 

Ideas for summer gaming activities for kids

Just Games is pleased to partner with the Sophie Mosher, the Hobbiest Girl herself, for a series of painting skills classes! These are geared toward intermediate painters, but any beginner will find Sophie approachable and easy to ask questions of, either in-person or via chat!

You can do this right in the store, or you can hop onto Sophie’s steam. So just like Pokemon and D&D, you’ve got an indoor options to help beat the summer heat.

Sign up today

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