Summer Heat – Chandra Playmat Tournament

We are excited to have acquired a 1 of 50 collector’s playmat featuring Kaladesh Chandra. We will be running a Draft event for this playmat at noon on August 12. The format will be draft, exactly like at FNM. Players who finish in the top part of their pods going on to a championship round (using the same deck), with the winner of that taking home the playmat.

Other prizes will include booster packs for each match won, promos, and lots of free swag. The event will have limited seating, and will be held on Saturday, August 12, from noon to 6 pm.

Stop! Before you register online, did you play in one of our Premium Hour of Devastation pre-releases (midnight or 1 pm)? You can get $5 off your ticket in-store.

Summer Heat

Summer Heat – Chandra Playmat Tournament

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