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Tabletop Day 2018 is April 28

Tabletop Day is on April 28 this year, gamers unite! As with previous years, we’re going to play a lot of cool stuff! In addition to our April D&D Youth League, we’ll be running a bunch of different role-playing events, some board games, demos, and lots more! Below is a schedule of what we’re doing and when, so join us!



  • Starfinder with Angel
  • Numenera with John
  • Scythe with Dan
  • 13th Age Swords against Owlbears with Sean
  • D&D Youth League with Steve


1 PM

  • D&D 5th Edition with Katherine
  • Dice Throne


3 PM

  • Mountains of Madness with Just Games staff
  • Star Wars RPG Force Awakens with Lee


RPGs are, as always, $5 on the weekend which goes to purchase supplies for the Game Masters running it. D&D Youth League is a $15 entry. Board games and demos are free to participate for anyone who wants to. This also happens to be the weekend of Dominaria Release drafts (I know, not enough going on, right?) which are $15 and fire on demand all weekend.

Want to get a game on the schedule? Email with your name, favorite game, and time you’d like to start. Then tell your friends you’re running a game and come on in!