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Tales from the Yawning Portal D&D 5E

The latest release from Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Tales from the Yawning Portal is on the horizon. This new book provides D&D fans with adventures, magic items, and deadly monsters—all of which have been updated to the fifth edition rules.

Tales from the Yawning Portal Includes the following adventures, updated and revised for the 5th edition:

  • Against the Giants
  • Dead in Thay
  • Forge of Fury
  • Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
  • Sunless Citadel
  • Tomb of Horrors
  • White Plume Mountain

Early Release Date: 3/24/2017


Tales from the Yawning Portal D&D 5E

Pre-order special

If you pre-order and pre-pay in store for this new release OR subscribe to D&D, and you will receive double points for your book purchase and have your copy waiting on release day. You must pre-order before February 28 to take advantage of this bonus.

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