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Tater joins the Guild Ball team – Gen Con Spoiler

As Rochester’s original source for all things Guild Ball, we are excited to bring you a preview of the new Farmer’s Guild character debuting at Gen Con 2016 in August. No, we won’t have him at our “Gen Can’t” event on August 6, but we can tell you what we know about him!

Steamforged Games have shown off a preview of a miniature that will be arriving at Gen Con this year. Here we have a new character from the Farmer’s Guild, aptly named “Tater.” According to some of the whispers on social media and their own forums for Guild Ball he…

  • Will be a ‘Show Exclusive’ model for Gen Con (and available online at the same time)
  • Is for the Farmer’s Guild and will be an Alternative Sculpt to show off the style of the faction and their rules
  • Will be able to play for all of the factions to begin with in casual play so you can get used to him.

One of the other things mentioned surrounding the Farmer’s Guild is that they will plant ‘Harvest’ tokens around the tabletop and reap them for benefits.

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