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The Brothers’ War Prerelease, Nov 11-17

Brothers’ War prerelease has a big change – you can buy everything on the day of the prerelease. That’s right. Everything – boxes, bundles, individual packs, all of it. So that’s cool! But the bigger news is that our event schedule is back to it’s 2019 glory – check it out! We’ve got food, we’ve got Collector boosters for prizes, Bundle Sealed, and 2-Headed Giant!

30th Anniversary Promos

Attend 3 Brothers’ War prerelease events, get all 3 promos. Note that only sealed events qualify, and the promos are earned in order.

  • Attend 1 Saturday event, get a Serra Angel 30th Anniversary Promo
  • Attend 2 Saturday events, get a Ball Lightning 30th Anniversary Promo
  • Attend 3 Saturday events, get a Fyndhorn Elves 30th Anniversary Promo

Note that the Saturday Mythic Pass qualifies you for all 3 promos!


Brother’s War Prerelease Schedule

Jumpstart – On demand, all week | $20

Get 2 Jumpstart packs, win 2 Jumpstart packs for playing a friend!


6 pm Super Casual Sealed | $35

You know it, you love it. Build a deck, play 3 rounds, get 2 packs for playing. A can’t miss option for new and experienced players alike.

The Draft Option
6 pm Booster Draft | $20

A clean choice for the drafters, specially for Brother’s War, you can draft on Prerelease Friday! Back from the pilot program 3 years ago, you can draft just like always!


Bundle Brunch | $55
9:30 am
Bundle Brunch entry includes: 1 Bundle, 1 Plate, 1 Appetite, 1 Brunch bundle battle!

Open your bundle, grab some food, build a sealed deck, and battle it out in this sealed prerelease weekend event! 3-0 players will win 1 At Home Prerelease kit. All other players will receive 3 additional set boosters. If you have special dietary restrictions, please contact us in advance.

Classic Sealed
1pm | $40

With a pizza lunch served prior to round 1.

Join us for Classic Sealed – get your prerelease kit, build a deck, and battle it out for packs based on standings! 1 Collector Pack for going 3-0, 3 set packs for 2-1, and 1 set pack for everyone else! Everyone gets pizza, everyone gets fund.

Super Casual Wind-Down | $35
5 pm

Grab some complimentary snacks and join us for one last in-store build of the day.

Casual, non-competitive, friendly matches. Everyone that plays at least 1 round gets 2 bonus packs for playing.

Headed Home, At Home Prerelease
At-Home Event | $35

Get that last prerelease kit and go play at home, or at your favorite restaurant, or in your friend’s living room!
Take home a prerelease kit and 2 packs to play with a friend

The Saturday Mythic Pass

Get all 4 events for $150 PLUS a FREE Prerelease Playmat – while supplies last – includes the At Home kit for Saturday

The Brothers’ War Prerelease, Nov 11-17
Brothers’ War Exclusive Prerelease Playmat – final playmat will have Just Games’ logo added


2-Headed Sunday – Collector Booster prizes
12 pm | $70 / team

One entry gets you two players worth of fun. 2-Headed Giant is back on Sundays!

Every player who finishes all the rounds gets 2 set booster packs – 3-0 teams get 1 Collector Booster per player.

The Sunday Evening At Home
At-Home Event | $35

Grab a prerelease kit for the ride home, and play again vs your 2-Headed Giant buddy for extra fun!


The Draft Option
6 pm Booster Draft | $20

A clean choice for the drafters, specially for Brother’s War, you can draft on prerelease week!



When you checkout, choose either Urza or Mishra – if you choose this for a sealed prerelease, you’ll get a kit with a corresponding promo. If you choose it for Draft or Bundle Battle, you’ll VOTE for the winning brother in the Brother’s War! Buy a Commander deck – individually – and it counts as one vote too!

The winning faction will get to select the poster that goes in our door from among 3 Faction-specific pieces of art by voting exclusively via our Discord server starting the week after prerelease!


Double Points on Full Box Preorders

The Brothers’ War Prerelease, Nov 11-17

Double points are BACK for all preordered booster boxes. What does that mean? It means you’ll get over 3000 reward points per box that you buy, redeemable for immediate discounts online. Note that these points will take 24 hours to post to your account. You also get this great Buy a Box Promo!

The Brothers’ War Prerelease, Nov 11-17

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