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The Buried Treasure Draft

This Saturday November 25 at noon is your chance to find the buried treasure of Ixalan!

Join us for a MTG draft of the Ixalan set on Saturday November 25th at noon (seatings at 12:30). Unlike most drafts you will receive 4 packs to draft and build your deck from. You will have 45 minutes to draft and build your deck. Then 3 fifty minute rounds of swiss. If we get enough people to have 4 or more pods we will have a single elimination round after the swiss rounds.

Price: $20

– 1 pack per match win
– 1 to 3 pods = 1st in each pod will receive 1 FTV: Transform
– 4 or more pods = single elimination round, top 3 will get 1 FTV: Transform, all else in round will get 1 FTV:Lore

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