The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

A Game of Tall Tales and Playing Roles as told by James Wallis

“So you wish me to regale the group with the tale of how I found and then lost the fabled continent of Atlantis, do you? I remember it well indeed, a stirring event filled with swords, seduction and saltwater, and one that none should dare question! It began last June when, due to an ill-considered bet, I had become the cook on a pirate vessel in the Atlantic. I was roused one day by the sound of the crew desperately fighting off a gigantic monstrosity that sought to pull our ship down into its abyssal home. A ravenous kraken!”

“But sir, I had heard that the French Navy controlled those monsters?”

“Indeed so, a fact that I could tell from the beret it wore. I grasped mu sushi knives and spray into action…”

Thus begins a new story in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, the game of tall tales and grand boasts. Here you and your fellow players adopt fictional guises and challenge each other to tell stories of your incredible feats and gallant adventures, while competing to make your tale the most fantastical and outlandish, for surely your own escapades are the greatest of them all! You can dispute other player’s stories, forcing players to accept objections or add new detail, thus making their own tales more extraordinary.

A perfect game for the creative holiday gathering of gamers and non-gamers alike, as the game requires only minimal materials and a desire to be ridiculous. We encourage dressing as members of the 18th century nobility of your choice during play.

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