Magic: the Gathering

Unfinity Draft Weekend – Oct 28 Promo Event

Myra the Magnificent’s fun-filled carnival is full of surprises—and we are thrilled to share an out-of-this-world opportunity available to WPN Premium stores in the United States. WPN Premium stores recieve 30 copies of the Unfinity Magic 30 Play promo, Richard Garfield, Ph.D., to be passed out with a special Unfinity Draft Weekend event. To guarantee this promo for FNM on Friday October 28 at 6 pm, you must preregister. At the door promos will be given out while the highly limited supply lasts.

Booster Draft events are the ideal way to experience everything Unfinity has to offer. The unique chance to craft a deck filled with out-of-this-world cards and zany mechanics is part of what makes Un-sets fun sets.

You will get this promo for participation, in-person, in the store on October 28 only.

What are you waiting for? Step right up to and preregister for this event!

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