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WNY Warmachine Store Wars, round 1

This event is the first round of the NY Store Wars tournament series.

The NYSW will consist of a series of qualifying tournaments followed by a single championship tournament. Qualifying events will be standard Steamroller format events, 75 points.

First place at each qualifier will get 6 points towards qualifying, second will get 5 and so on with sixth place being awarded one point.

Additionally, one player will receive a point for sportsmanship at each event, chosen by anonymous ballot.

Finally, those who travel outside of their home meta will be awarded double the amount of points listed above.

The top two points earners from each meta will receive entry to the Championship event, as well as the top 4 points earners overall.

Tournament Details
Registration: noon
Dice: 12:30
Entry: $10
Points: 75
Lists: 2
Steamroller 2018
Maximum seats: 32
4 rounds only due to store hours

All entry fees will go to prizes (store credit). Awards for 1st and 2nd and best painted model played in one of your armies

Lists should be submitted here. Pre-payment may be done below or day of.

Pre-register below to save time and get playing faster

Store Wars Round 1

WNY Warmachine Store Wars, round 1

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