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X-Wing Hyperspace Trial, Oct 12

This is your regional championship and will be attracting players from all over the area. Bring a Hyperspace legal list, your A-game, and get ready to pew pew with the best! Entry fee will be $25. The store will open at 10am, registration will close at 10:45am, and the first round will begin at 11:00pm sharp. Do not be late or you may not get to play! If you have a playmat please bring one with you as we always like to have extras just in case! will be used for pairings and the link to the tournament’s page is down below. Prizes will be drawn from the official prize kit first, with additional prizes for any number of players over 16.

You will need to have either a printed squad list from the official X-wing squad builder app or have your list built on your phone in the official app ready for you opponent to review. Round 1 your opponent will ensure that your list is hyperspace legal per the app or your printout. There will be no exceptions to this rule so please plan ahead!

This is a Hyperspace format event so only ships and upgrades legal for that format will be allowed. If you have any questions about what this means, please consult the official X-wing squad builder app or FFG’s website.


Preregister online

Seating is limited to 64 participants, so please pre-register online to ensure your seat!

X-Wing Hyperspace Trials

X-Wing Hyperspace Trial, Oct 12

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