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X-Wing Store Championship, July 29

Join us for the X-Wing Store Championship at Just Games Rochester at noon on July 29!

This awesome event is a great stab at competitive X-Wing, and is the highest level of competition at stores (that said, this event is also beginner friendly). Squad lists will be in use, and we will run this event according to the most recently available tournament rules on the event date.

X-Wing Store Championship, July 29
Some of the fabulous X-Wing prizes available to participants (and victors!) in our X-Wing Store Championship. Also pictured; the 40th anniversary Rey Promo, available at a future Tuesday night League.

We can seat 32 players for this event, so pre-registration is strongly encouraged. You can pre-register in store, or online below or using our pre-registration page.


Presale tickets are sold out. There may be tickets available at the door, please inquire on the day of the event. Thanks!

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