Magic: the Gathering Store events

Magic Love Your Local Game Store promotion

The Love Your Local Game Store Promo cards have arrived! While supplies last, you can get these awesome old-border promo cards in a variety of ways: Participate in any Magic event (in store or online!), and spend 350 reward points for a promo of your choice. Joining the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Sealed League via the […]


Digimon BT05 Release Tournament Celebration, August 14

Tournament Registration begins at noon. Round one is at 12:30. BT05 Constructed Format.¬† Join us for our competitive Digimon event of this season! Okay, it’s not super competitive, since everyone is garaunteed a prize, BUT you can win some free boxes! And you can register for free! Here’s how. IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ. There are two […]

D&D Store events Youth Programming

Online Youth D&D Returns in September 

We’re bringing it back! Due to the intense popularity of our summer Day Camps, and the continued threat of COVID-Delta to the unvaccinated, we have decided to continue all youth events online for the remainder of the 2021 season. So good news! You can sign up now for the start of this programming on Sept […]

40K Classes Store events

Painting Skills Summer Series – Class 2

Just Games is pleased to partner with the Sophie Mosher, the Hobbiest Girl herself, for a series of painting skills classes! These are geared toward intermediate painters, but any beginner will find Sophie approachable and easy to ask questions of, either in-person or via chat! Speaking of, there’s an in-person option at our game room. […]