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Online Youth D&D Returns in September 

We’re bringing it back! Due to the intense popularity of our summer Day Camps, and the continued threat of COVID-Delta to the unvaccinated, we have decided to continue all youth events online for the remainder of the 2021 season. So good news! You can sign up now for the start of this programming on Sept 4.

Head over to the new Youth Events section of our website, choose the table or DM you know from summer camp, and sign up!

We cannot open seats with your child’s favorite DM after their table is full, and seating is limited, and demand is likely to exceed our available seats, so please register early.

Requirements to Play

As with all our online youth events, you will need access to a webcam, Discord, and a web browser. Access to the core rules for D&D 5th Edition are required. Dice, character sheets, and other items are all great, but not required.

Online Code of Conduct

Please note that our Code of Conduct is strictly enforced in these events, and youth participants who do not adhere to it may be muted or removed from the group by the DM. While we will always try to resolve these cases via other methods first, there are no refunds for tickets where the participants are actively disruptive to the game play. Please speak to your children about appropriate online behavior prior to signing up.

Recordings can and will be made of each table for training and security purposes. These recordings are only used internally, and are never shared, and are deleted after a period of 7 days unless otherwise required by law. Just Games staff will also monitor these online tables throughout their run to assist DMs and help maintain a fun experience. If this is an issue, you will not be able to participate in this online event.

Has the cost gone up?

Sort of. These are now monthly signups. Last year we ran these as weeklies, and this was… sort of functional. The issue was that folks kept forgetting to pay, so then we’d pester you, and then the DMs would be focused on your tickets, and not on creativity. This will mean it’s easier to remember, you sign up once per month, and you get a single administrative email each month. That’s far easier. This suggestion was made by several parents, so we went with it! Thanks for your feedback!

And yes, there’s a small increase in cost – roughly $5 per week. All of this increase goes to online payment processing or directly to our Dungeon Master team of creatives. In a situation of rising wages and costs, we wanted to make sure our weekly youth DMs were as well taken care of as possible. We appreciate your understanding!

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