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All Day Drafts Friday Jan 24 & Draft Weekend

All Day Drafts return for Theros: Byeond Death. Starting at noon on release day Friday, we run drafts all day on demand. In practice, this means we start a draft at noon, one at 3 pm, and one at 6 pm as part of our Friday Night Magic.



The best in Rochester!
3-0 = 5 packs
2-0-1 = 4 packs
2-1 = 3 packs
All others = 1 pack

REMEMBER: Going 3-0 allows you to choose a Promo Pack as one of your prize packs!

$20 entry ($18.40+tax)


  • NOON
  • 3 pm
  • 6 pm

Sunday Draft Weekend

Sunday at noon we’ll be running THEROS BEYOND DEATH Drafts all day, starting at noon!


  • NOON
  • 3 pm

Release Weekend Box Deal

Prepay for a box, lock in your slot for a free draft! You can redeem that draft at any time slot.


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