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Board Game Expo: Canceled for 2020

How fast times change right now! BGX is canceled. Gaming Days LLC made the call Friday afternoon. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we wish our partners at Gaming Days LLC all the best – this was not an easy choice on their inaugural year, but it’s the right one and we support it. 

A little while ago, we announced a super cool new event called “Board Game Expo.” This event is put on by Gaming Days LLC, a company founded by some of the best, brightest retailers in the game industry, to bring all of us amazing board game play and demo days. On April 4, 2020, the first ever Board Game Expo was slated to launch at around 100 select game stores in the country – Just Games being one of them.

Unfortunately, life happens, and COVID-19 has come to Rochester, shutting our game room and curtailing events through April 4. Fortunately, the pros at BGX have a plan! They’re going to let us sell the games to you online, deliver (or ship, depending on the status of NYS’s infrastructure, staff health and safety, and so on), and then hopefully run an amazing (… but more limited) Facebook Live play of various games on the BGX list on April 4! How cool is that? So, how does this new shindig work, exactly…

Q: How do I get games?

You can order them right here on our website!

Q: What happens if the store game room is open again by April 4?

Then bring your game in (by then delivered or shipped to you…) and we’ll play it just like we planned! Hooray! Also, if this happens and your game hasn’t shipped or delivered, we’ll give you your shipping cost as a store credit.

Q: What is an “Add On” game?

Shipping is expensive, delivery is expensive, we get it. So we marked some of the smaller games as “Add Ons.” That means you can’t buy them alone, but you can get them shipped free with any order that includes 1 or more non-add on games on the list! Hooray!

Q: Are these games still prereleases?

They sure are! You’ll have these games to carry you through sitting around at home – publishers have also generously nudged back street dates, so it will be literally months before you can get these games any other way.

Q: What about promos?

In the comments at checkout, pick which one you’d like!

  • Call to Adventure – Brotherwise Games (6- card promo pack)
  • Cartographers – Thunderworks Games (4-card promo pack)
  • Draftosaurus – Luma Imports (promo gameboard)
  • Game of Thrones Chess – The Op (Arya Pawn)
  • Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising – The Op (4-card promo pack)
  • Ettin -Wizkids (promo cards)


But wait! There’s more! We want to feature YOU! If you are a regular customer who wants to both own some of these great titles, and you’re willing to host a Live Playthrough event at your house on April 4, here’s what you need to do. First, email with this information:

  • Your name, your email and what game you want to run
  • Have a webcam (steady please, no handheld cell phones – we’re all trying to avoid feeling ill!), ideally one that can be placed above the game, but otherwise at an angle where we can see you and the game board.
  • Have a good source of light
  • Have a microphone
  • Have a clean room, with a simple background that doesn’t detract from the game. Send us a picture of where you’ll be playing.

We’ll send you the time of the Live stream, and if approved, you’ll stream 1 hour of your game on our Facebook page. AMAZING! You’ll be internet famous! Folks can ask you questions about your amazing game, friends who are in their homes can talk to you about how cool your living room (or office, or kitchen … please no bathrooms) looks.

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