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Board Game Rental Library is Back, bigger and fancier

We know a lot of folks have been waiting for our board game rental library to return. Well, we have good news; it’s back!

Board Game Rental Library is Back, bigger and fancier

With it’s return, we’ve added hundreds of rental games to our selection. More are coming every week! We’ve also made some updates to benefit you:

  • Return on time? Get your full rental fee amount as store credit. No more choosing what game to buy on the spot!
  • More ways to redeem points for free board game rentals. Double dipping strongly encouraged!
  • In-store kiosk just for rental lookups! Use your online account to rent right in store. Skip the line! Go contactless! Even rent online (just be sure to choose pickup, NOT shipping)
  • Many more games added, and many more coming! Expect most, if not all, new releases to be in the library in the future. Board Game Rental Library is Back, bigger and fancier

Finally, from time to time, expect us to buy your used games to add to the rental library. Shoot us an email at if you’re interested in trading in used games. If we don’t have a copy, chances are we’re interested in buying yours!

Board Game Rental Policies – COVID related

Obviously, COVID concerns are a challenge. We’re going to quarantine your board game rental for 72 hours after you return them. Current medical guidance says this means any virus on any game will be dead before anyone else touches it. Safety is cool.

We’re opening a little bit of the game room to you – please be respectful of our staff and remain in the designated “library” section. It has a sale table too! Play nice; see shiny deals.

You can read all about everyday rental policies here.

New Games

New releases will be added frequently. With over 30,000 games being board games releasing annually, this selection will remain fresh and exciting throughout the years!

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