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Zendikar Rising Prerelease, Updated Information

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Rumors of supply chain problems are not exagerated, but we’ve got your packs and decks ready to go for At Home Prerelease! Get in there, Planeswalkers!

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In-Store Play Suspension Continues at least through October 14, 2020

First off, you can read about Wizard’s decision here. We think it’s a good one, focused on keeping the community safe in uncertain times, and we truly appreciate the support of our publishing partners in this effort.

TLDR: All in store prerelease time slots are now Play at Home

When we initially opened preorders we asked you to buy a time slot if you would have played in the store. Once again, we saw that only around 9% more players feel comfortable with that than last time. That means, of our hundreds of Magic players, roughly 71% would not play in the store right now even if the state of New York and WOTC permitted it. We wanted to share that to illustrate that, even if stores ran events, it is unlikely they would fire. That is why your continued support is so critical – we all want to get back to gaming together, but until we can, we hope you’ll consider Play at Home and FNM Online as great options to connect with your fellow gamers!


Shipping Delays announced by WOTC

Wizards Announced that Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends would suffer considerable shipping delays, yesterday, on Sept 9. You can read about that here.

TLDR: Set Boosters will be hard to get. If you already preordered, you’re good. Preorder now. 

WOTC made this announcement 24 hours ago, after the date that our distribution partners had already set our order quantities. The good news is that if you preoredered Set Boosters already, it currently looks like you’ll be fine on release day. We’ll even have product available on releaseat our preorder price. We do suggest arriving early.

Bundles are going to be delayed until after release.

Also, Draft Boosters, Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, and Prereleases are all still available! Despite shortages of these, Just Games has a nice secure pipeline of product on all of them, so you’re good to preorder with confidence.

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