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Zendikar Prerelease Online, Sept 19, Noon

Use a webcam, Spelltable and Companion App for more fun!

Zendikar Prerelease Online, Sept 19, Noon
By now you know that Wizards has suspended in-store play through mid-October for all of North America. But did you know you can play Magic online, with your paper cards, using Spelltable? requires no downloads, runs right in your browser, and let’s you do all kinds of cool stuff with your paper cards – online!

How to Play in the Zendikar Prerelease Online

First, get together a webcam you can point DOWN at your cards on a table. We wrote a guide to using your cellphone for this in a pinch, but one on an arm is probably better. You’ll also want whatever lands and such you need.

  • Join the Wizards Companion App Prerelease Event using the Companion App. Do that now! Use code PV82QP
  • Pick up your Play at Home Kits Friday, Sept 18
  • At noon on Saturday, Sept 19, join the Just Games Discord 
  • Pairings will be sent to your phone via Companion App
  • Once you have a pairing, find your opponent in the store Discord.
  • Create a room in Spelltable and play!

It’s pretty easy! Understand that we’re all new to this, so come prepared to be patient and experiment. There are no prizes for it (we’re sending this home with you! Hooray! You win!).

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