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Board Game Swap – Photos of the goodies!

Every year for our Board Game Swap & Sell, we post photos of the games that people brought in. This helps you get ready for the event! We always don’t photograph EVERY game. But this year, we want folks to not only see what’s available, but plan ahead. Since the sale is all done via video chat, this will be extra important.

Please note that all tickets for shopping the sale are sold out. If you already bought a ticket, read on!

Get ready!

So first, buy your time slot. Then, browse the photos below and decide what games you’d like. When your time slot starts, call your shopper on Facebook messenger. Tell us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll go find it! If it’s gone, you can take a browse around with us.

A quick word of warning: Video calls are only as good as both our connections. So plan for these photos to be your guide to the sale, and the video to be a nice backup. If the video call doesn’t work, we can use these as a reference for a phone call. Refer to the main post for further terms and conditions, and happy virtual game swap!

Check out the Games!

Here are the games in this Swap & Sell event

If you weren’t sure you wanted to get some games before, you probably are now! Head over to the Online Store and snag your tickets!

A note about time slots

If you miss your time, call the store main line at 585-586-0586. Lauren or Chris will help you reschedule, based on the times available.

If you have technical difficulties, call the store line at 585-586-0586 and we’ll use the photos above for a reference.

Questions before the swap? Email Matt at and he can help!

Above all, stay calm, and have fun! We know shopping with technology can be stressful, and maybe a little frustrating at times. Our team is here to help make it as smooth and fun as possible!