Free RPG Day 2020 at Just Games, July 25, noon – 6 pm

Free RPG Day is here, and we’re excited to offer a cool batch of free swag! Each one of these titles is from a publisher that we know and love, and we’re going to give you one item off this list with the purchase of any game by the same publisher. So, buy Kids on Bikes from Renegade, and try Kids on Brooms or Overlight for free!

Due to COVID-19 precautions, there is no in-store play this year. However, at least one of our publisher partners is offering online learn-to-play sessions. Read on for details!

A NOTE on Social Distancing: You may buy online at from 9 am – 11:59 am on July 25 and your purchases will count toward free RPG Day. Specific which item you’d like to receive, and we’ll add it to your order. Stay safe, stay socially distant, and skip the line.

Here are your Free RPG Day Official Sponsors and their games!


Humblewood: The Wakewyrm’s Fury

Announced July 9, 2020

Humblewood: The Wakewyrm’s Fury is a Free RPG Day adventure for 5e, available at participating game stores and on July 25th!

Rain of Mercy

Rain of Mercy

Announced June 30, 2020

Rain of Mercy is an entertaining introduction to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium and Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory.

3 newest neutron dice sets

3 Newest Neutron Dice Sets

Announced June 30, 2020

GateKeeper Games Dice Gate Keeper Games is offering, not 1, but 3, unique dice packs they call “dice set upgrade kits” for this year’s Free RPG Day, each containing both a d6 AND a d20!

Magpie Games - Root RPG

Root: Pellenicky Glade Quickstart Guide

Announced June 30, 2020

The Free RPG Day booklet for Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game contains pre-generated characters and a full clearing write up along with all the rules to get you started playing quickly!

Kids on Brooms, Overlight, and Junior Braves Survival Guide

Announced June 30, 2020

Overlight is a fantasy roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic journeys: a visceral, dangerous, and brightly-colored setting. Characters will search for personal meaning among a fantastic, sometimes violent, and overwhelming world.

Maw of Abraxas

Maw of Abraxas

Announced June 30, 2020

Venture into the amalgamated world of the Crucible with Maw of Abraxas, a one shot Genesys RPG adventure told across three episodes, available for free as part of Free RPG Day!

Mantic’s Terrain Crates

Mantic’s Terrain Crates

Announced June 30, 2020

Mantic’s Terrain Crates contain scenery perfect for dressing up any dungeon, The Army Painter has a load of great products for painting them, and Dave Taylor Miniatures brings the know how!

Level 1

9th Level Games – Level 1

Announced June 30, 2020

Level 1 is annual RPG anthology series of Independent Role Playing games celebrating FREE RPG DAY!

Warlock Tiles

Warlock Tiles: Limited Edition 2D Minis

Announced June 30, 2020

Available only for RPG Day 2020! Make sure to get your hands on the #FreeRPGDay2020 Exclusive WarLock™ Tiles 4″x4″ “Bloody Floor” Room & Limited Edition Pathfinder Battles 2D Kobolds!

  • Because of super limited quantities, and crazy high demand, this item will be limited to customers that buy any 2 Warlock Starter sets ON July 25. Buy 2 starters, get this set free, while supplies last
Pathfinder Adventure: Little Trouble in Big Absalom

Pathfinder Adventure: Little Trouble in Big Absalom

Announced June 30, 2020

Always living in the shadows is hard when you’re a clever and regal creature like a kobold. Now it’s time to make a name for yourself and bring honor and prestige to your clan.

3 Months of Roll20 Pro

3 Months of Roll20 Pro

Announced June 30, 2020

The Roll20 team is dedicated to enabling gamers to unite across any distance via our easy to use gaming tools.

  • Due to extremely limited quantities high desirability, this item is available to any customer buying a hardcover D&D book, while supplies last.
Dungeon Crawl Classics

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Announced June 30, 2020

Behold the demon skull! The iconic symbol of DCC RPG returns on the cover of this year’s Free RPG Day release.


Hand-selected games

The rest of the titles on this list are games we hand-selected because Just Games thinks they are super cool! We add them in addition to all the other great publishers and games, because we think you should know about them!

We’ll have free copies of supplements, or even core rulebooks (while supplies last), as part of our celebration of Free RPG Day! As in year’s past, there are thousands of dollars of books and accessories to choose from – if this year’s kit is the best ever, our extra goodies are ALSO the best ever! Check it out.

Black Void

Just Games in cooperation with Modiphius

BLACK VOID takes place in a distant past which is both familiar and outlandish in its dark and exotic ambience. As descendants of the survivors of Earth, characters can adopt many roles from emissaries to explorers to adventurers.

Warlock Tile Starter Room

Just Games in cooperation with Wiz Kids

Get a starter dungeon room! Random size and shape in a blind box so you can get a functional taste of the new Warlock tiles, or add them to your existing sets!

Arcana of the Ancients

Just Games in cooperation with Monte Cook Games

In the misty recesses of time, before the kingdoms and lands you know—before the elder elves, the dwarven ancestral lords, and even the dragons—civilizations undreamt of rose and fell. They built citadels of metal, glass, and light. They crafted wonders and harnessed energies we can only guess at. The remnants of their incredible creations now lay hidden away in the deepest recesses of the world. Those few learned folk who even know about them have a name for these places, objects, and even creatures. They call them the . . .

Heroes of Redhook

Just Games in cooperation with Golden Goblin Press

Heroes of Red Hook is a collection of eighteen cosmic horror tales taking place during the Jazz Era with a very specific focus.

Parsley Games

Just Games in cooperation with Parsley

Relive the glory days of floppy disks, dot-matrix printers and 128K RAM with this collection of party games inspired by the text-adventures of the 1980s.

Wicked Fate

Just Games in cooperation with Magpie Games

Wicked Fate is a fantasy adventure supplement that brings John Wick’s Wicked Fantasy to the Fate Core system. In 2013, John Wick reinvented ten classic fantasy races through the world of Estevere, a unique Pathfinder setting that broke Kickstarter records and expanded what it meant to play elves, gnomes, kobolds, and more.

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Provided by Just Games, published by Wizards of the Coast

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount provides everything you need to play Dungeons & Dragons on the continent of Wildemount (set within the world of Exandria)—a land of war, betrayal, and swashbuckling adventure.


Provided by Just Games, published by Nomnivore

EMBERWIND is a new modular tabletop RPG that lets players build their own game experience from the ground up. The core rules are intuitive enough to learn in minutes, but offer plenty of immersive strategy through co-operative tactics and alternative rules modules.

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes Spell Cards

Provided by Just Games, published by Gale Force 9

These 109 durable, laminated cards represent a range of deadly beasts from the Dungeons & Dragons supplemental book, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, complete with stats and illustrations.

Dice, Dice, Dice!

Provided by Just Games, published by various

Samples from Chessex, Okie Dokie, Die Hard and other amazing manufacturers!

And more from these great publishers!

We also put out great free books from free RPG Days past, cool manuals we got as product samples at conventions, and more stuff you won’t see at any other Free RPG Day! I know RPGs are super important to this community, and this year more than any other I want to make sure you know Just Games has your back! So come on in, buy an RPG or supplemental product, and get a great game to go with it!

The Fine Print

For items without a specific condition to be met, the general rules for the sale are: Spend $49 or less, get a free set of dice while supplies last. Spend, $50 or more, get a free book (core book, starter, or anthology). For every $50 you spend AFTER that you may choose another (different!) item as well.
A NOTE on Social Distancing: You may buy online at from 9 am – 11:59 am on July 25 and your purchases will count toward free RPG Day. Specific which item you’d like to receive, and we’ll add it to your order. Stay safe, stay socially distant, and skip the line.
Please note: items with specific conditions are additive. For example, if you want the Wiz Kids Tileset, you must buy 2 Warlock Tiles Starters. That’s a big purchase, so you’d get the tileset, but you’d ALSO get a 4 other free items for spending $50 four times. 
All items are while supplies last, first-come, first-served. For special or limited items, we cannot honor rain checks or substitutions. Should you request an item in an online order that has run out, we reserve the right to make substitutions with no prior notice. Finally, thank you to all these publishers! They worked VERY hard to get Free RPG Day to happen at all this year. We’re very happy to be a part of the Free RPG Day 2020!