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Board Game Swap & Sell – Virtual Edition July 31 and August 1

Our twice annual Board Game Swap is going to happen after all! But this time, with a virtual variation!

DROPOFFS – Start Monday, stop 72 hours prior to the sale

Start this coming Monday, July 13. They END 72 hours prior to the first day of the virtual sale, on July 27. This is to give all items 72 hours to quarantine all games, in order to comply with the best practices currently available. This is a hard stop, so if you can’t get your games here by July 27, they won’t be in the sale.

We want your dropoffs! Contact to make contactless arrangements or get sheets to fill out in advance! Questions that aren’t answered here? Shoot us an email!

SHOPPING THE SALE – Virtual only, other changes, please read


Our twice yearly Board Game Swap & Sell is going to happen on August 1 – but on July 31. Because this event normally draws hundreds of shoppers, and we can’t have hundreds of shoppers (due to COVID-19 regulations), we’re going have online ticketing with virtual shoppers assigned to each time slot. You’ll buy a 10 minute shopping slot, with 5 minutes to checkout, during which our staff will walk you around the sale on a video call and pick out items for you. At the end of ten minutes, times up! You check out with whatever you’ve got picked (kind of like a virtual edition of supermarket sweep!). Then, those items will be run up and you can pay for them right on the phone. Best of all, the purchase price of your ticket will be applied 100% to your purchases (as long as you make one!) so you’re not out any money. This will help us skip the crowds and reduce the number of people in the store.

Again, there will be no in person shopping, only virtual. You must buy a ticket below to shop this sale. 


Board Game Swap & Sell – Virtual Edition July 31 and August 1
We’re going to go as fast as we can, VIRTUALLY!

After our personal shopper has helped you navigate the sale, and your purchases are paid for, you can pick them up at the store any time after that! Some notes:

  • All personal shopping will be done via video chat, using Facebook Messenger. You will need a computer, tablet, or cell phone that you can see video on clearly. You are responsible for finding and initiating Video Chat with the staffer whose name is listed on your time slot. If you do not contact us, your ticket will be converted into store credit on your account and your time slot forfeited.
  • Buying 2 or more time slots in a row will result in all but the first being canceled, and the purchase price refunded as store credit.
  • In the event that two or more identical games are available, our shoppers will do the best to select the lowest priced item for you, assuming they are all identical.
  • We know the bargain hunting is fun, but please don’t come try to peer into the game room to shop the sale in person around these rules. We’ll be closing the area visually, and politely booting anyone from the store that interferes with our staff during this process.
  • You’re welcome to shop virtually from the comfort of an air conditioned car, then come up to the door to pick up your items curbside – just let us know, and our staff will pop them out the door. Again, the goal here is to reduce virus transmission, but still let you get your games ASAP.
  • Due to the virtual nature of this sale, only credit cards can be used to buy items. No cash or store credit.
  • Dropoffs will stop 72 hours prior to the sale to allow games to quarantine. That means you have until close of business Monday, July 27 to drop off games.


Board Game Swap VIRTUAL EDITION, Starts at Noon on July 31 and August 1. 

  • If you’re bringing games in, you may start dropping them off Monday, July 13. There will be no dropoffs permitted on the day of the sale. Dropoffs will stop 72 hours prior to the sale to allow games to quarantine. That means you have until close of business Monday, July 27 to drop off games

Bring in your old games, set your price, and other customers will buy you a gift card in that amount in exchange for your game.

Clear out the closet before the new hotness of the holidays starts arriving! Here’s how it works:

  • Set your price
  • Put your game on the tables with your member ID (if you don’t have a member ID, you may use the cell phone number associated with your membership)
  • Get store credit on your account when it sells equal to the sale price
  • Please remove all shrink wrap – used items only.

We will also be requiring an inventory list of your games to be filled out at dropoff. If you wish to create a list in advance, it must include the name of each game, asking price for each, and your member ID number.

Swap is for date above only. Items left behind at the swap become property of Just Games Rochester LLC and will be used to support local libraries and schools, added to our own library, or donated to other charitable organizations at our exclusive discretion. Our swaps generally create $2-$3000 in donations, so your old games always go to a good home! Any items still in shrink wrap will be opened by our staff if left in that condition, or rejected from the sale and donated or returned to you; no exceptions. Please note that Just Games takes no responsibility for the care of your items, so please tag your items securely. All items not picked up by close of business the day of the swap become property of Just Games Rochester LLC. Note, due to social distancing requirements, we will contact you Saturday evening if you have games left – if you do not respond to our email by Sunday at 6 pm (the day after) we will assume you do not want them and donate them.


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