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Board Game Swap & Sell is May 25

Our twice yearly Board Game Swap & Sell is at 12 pm on May 25. The first hour is for early-birds who buy ticketed entry (tickets are returned as store credit), and after 1 pm anyone can come on in and shop the swap – last swap there were over 1000 games left at 1, so there’s still lots of goodies to choose from.

This event will close the game room for the day, so any regularly scheduled events will be postponed to their next regularly scheduled time. 

To Shop – Ticketed Entry for early shopping times

From noon to 1pm the swap will be ticketed in roughly 15 minute increments. All tickets will be returned to you as store credit. Store credit is not usable in the swap, so feel free to use that on a new game between now and the swap. These tickets just hold your spot in line!

After 1 pm, the doors will be open to anyone that wants to come shop what remains at the swap – no ticket needed.

Buy your tickets now

Board Game Swap, Starts at Noon

  • If you’re bringing games in, you may start dropping them off any time from May 19-24

Bring in your old games, set your price, and other customers will buy you a gift card in that amount in exchange for your game.

Clear out the closet before the new hotness of the summer and fall starts arriving! Here’s how it works:

  • Set your price
  • Put your game on the tables with the cell phone number on your membership account
  • Get store credit on your account when it sells
  • Please remove all shrink wrap – used items only
  • Unsold games may be picked up between 6-9 pm. Games that are unsold and not picked up, will be donated to schools, libraries and charities in the area.

The doors open promptly at noon, and priority will be given to those in line at the time.


We will also be requiring an inventory list of your games to be filled out at dropoff. If you wish to create a list in advance, it must include the name of each game, asking price for each, and your cell number. It is extremely helpful to submit this list to as an Excel Spreadsheet prior to dropoff, but you must also bring us a printed copy. 


Terms & Conditions

Read carefully; there are no exceptions to these terms.

100% of the sale price will go on your customer account as store credit – we take no fees from this sale. In exchange, the following considerations are in effect for all participants. Read carefully; there are no exceptions to the policies below, for anyone.

Swap is for date above only. Items left behind at the swap after that date become property of Just Games Rochester LLC. Typically, as we cannot store these games, they are immediately used to support local libraries and schools, added to our own library, or donated to other charitable organizations. Our swaps generally create $2-$3000 in donations, so your old games always go to a good home! Even games added to our library are eventually donated, so the end game here is always positive. Items may be dropped off any time we are open the week prior to the swap. Please, no day-of dropoffs. Any items still in shrink wrap will be opened by our staff if left in that condition, no exceptions. Please note that Just Games takes no responsibility for the care of your items, so please tag your items securely. You will not be paid for lost or stolen items. All items not picked up by close of business the day of the swap become property of Just Games Rochester LLC. We reserve the right to add our own labeling to your items, and take no responsibility for damage done removing these tags at checkout – if you glue or tape it on, we may damage the box when removing it.

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