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Catan Starfarers, 2nd Edition preorders

Anticipated release date, Quarter 3 2019

A cult classic, the Starfarers of Catan board game returns with 2nd edition to tabletops this fall with a new board and improved components! If your classic version is getting a bit beat up (and since the last copy was minted in 2001, whose isn’t?), this is the perfect chance to get a new one for your library. If you missed this cool, updated, sci-fi alternate Catan, well – whether you love or hate original Catan, this is a game you must check out. As always, pre-orders that are prepaid get double reward points.

It’s the year 2700 and you’ve been selected to compete for the prestigious title of Ambassador to the Galactic Council. Not just anyone can become Ambassador—you must earn fame and glory by leaving the known universe behind. Delve deep into the unknown, discover new solar systems, meet new extraterrestrial lifeforms and use your diplomacy so they will aid you with their powers. As you explore the space in between, you’ll encounter wormholes, merchants, pirates and more. All of this is made easier with the right upgrades to your ship.

Discover the joy of building your own mothership. Add boosters to fly faster, lock on freight pods to increase your bargaining power and diplomacy, and outfit cannons to fend off pirates. Each mothership also has a unique shaking mechanism to determine your moves and encounters in the game.

Starfarers of Catan Preorder

Catan Starfarers, 2nd Edition preorders

Starfarers takes place in a futuristic setting where, in the distant future, the human race has perfected a method to travel faster than light. As a result, it settles on a distant star system known as Catan, where it encounters five peaceful alien races: the Green Folk, the Scientists, the Merchants, the Diplomats, and the Travelers, as well as an intergalactic council that serves as the diplomatic body in the Catanian sector. The players serve as the role of Catanians operating a fleet that seek to colonize unknown planets in order to ensure the growth of humanity, while maintaining strong ties to these alien races.

Although Starfarers uses much of the same game mechanic as Settlers, there are many differences, the most notable of which was the use of a fixed game board and the use of moving ships. Like Settlers, gameplay is mainly played on the intersections of a hexagonal grid.



About the game

The known worlds lie at one end of the game board where each of the 3 or 4 players begin from known solar systems, each with 3 planets producing resources needed for the travels into deep space.

Catan Starfarers, 2nd Edition preorders

Each player begins with 2 Colonies and a Space Port (all components are made from plastic). The Space Port makes starships to transport your new colonies and trade posts to distant lands. Throughout the game, all the colonies and spaceports enable the production of resources when the dice match the numbers of adjacent planets. Resources are traded for colony ships, trade ships, fleet upgrades of freight rings, booster rockets, and cannons. Beware as you explore—some planets are covered in ice, and some conceal dangerous pirates.



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